Timothy Carey Ph.D.

Hello and welcome. I’m delighted and honoured that you’ve taken the time to visit my website. Thankyou. I am part of a small but growing bunch of scientists, scholars, practitioners, and other people who have realised the value of the science of control. Control is a natural phenomenon that is as important to life as the air we breathe. In fact, breathing is one example of control in action. William (Bill) T. Powers was the medical physicist who, by devising and articulating Perceptual Control Theory (PCT), alerted us to the inescapable importance of control.

I’ve been studying and sharing ideas about control since the late 1980s. In the 1990s I focussed more closely on the application of PCT principles to education and schools as well as the development of psychological therapies. It is a focus that has never wavered. More recently I’ve begun to consider the implications for social living generally. I continue to be surprised and intrigued by all that PCT has to offer.

Beginning in 2002 after completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology I had the privilege of working with Bill to develop the Method of Levels (MOL) into an effective and efficient cognitive therapy. Bill was not a practitioner but, based on his understanding of control, he had some well-informed hunches about the way in which people might become psychologically troubled and, most importantly, how this turmoil might be resolved. During the time I worked as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the NHS in Scotland, I took those hunches and, with Bill’s mentoring, began to develop MOL into an organised and systematic way of helping. I collected data and monitored and evaluated my work. I started to write about the benefits of this way of working and other colleagues, researchers, and practitioners became interested. Some of those people are still interested.

That’s a brief snapshot of how I got from there to here. Lots of details have been left out but the chronicling of that journey is represented in the publications and blog articles on this website. I hope you find the information here interesting and useful. Perhaps some of it will be challenging. Possibly even provocative. Whatever your experience, my ideal is that, in some way, these notions, theories, and points of view, will help you live life as you wish it to be. Maybe we’ll meet somewhere along the path to swap tales of our controlling.


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